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Portsmouth, United Kingdom 
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N i g h t m a r e


myUPB Graphic's Designer

Im back, and hopefully staying this time, get ready for some decent GFX updates!

In forum "UPB 2 Development Updates"
In topic "Foreign Language Bug Fixes"
problem with the forign part is were british and we speak english and thats about it lol ...

In forum "UPB 2 Suggestions"
In topic "User Rank"
ive discussed this with rebles over Live ... Xbox live that is on halo 3 :P n e way

i thought of posting ranks like uve already got but a different feel so it has like stars next to it so 1 - 5 stars for rank and u could aslo add a special custom rank like a little box below that has achivements so like a special badge for "myUPB Staff" as for an example .. use your own imagenation on this thought lol it would bring LOADS of different catorgories on what you could be apart of the fourm it makes you want to put more imput in to recive a star for helpfull and good community support :P i know this wont be an easy mod but it sumthing to look at specialy as u could add it into the admin panel and make it user customsable so they can change pics and stuff ... give it a thght if u dnt understand what i mean ill draw sumin up for u...

and yes im back from a long break, after muUPB got hacked i stopped doing designin and scriptin .. SADLY :( i deleted alot of my work as i thought it wud be the end of myUPB however i regret it now ...
yea manly im looking at the achievments part i think that is unique ... i mean a box underneath that shows dedication to the forums as well as a quick way of seing if there a moderator or staff coz the colour thing looks basic ... maybe its summin to look into i mean i can get cracking and show u wat ive got  and u can see wat i mean...
In topic "User CP"
just a quick thought but on the user cp u should get rid of some othe options avalible for text like youtube move offtopic quote. it should only be the first 12 bb buttons .... this is my thought, it makes it look a bit nicer and proffesional!
clark i meant lol on the User CP options for ur signature ! not the general forums :P just in the user cp option to edit ur signature the forums all options should remain the same :P
In topic "Post View Preferences "
yes it would pete, however the main coder atm is busy with rl and trying his hardest to implement a few changes like user ranks and stuf like that :) however this is sumthin that could be implmented vary easy if u understand php code if not wait for the coder to get round to ur suggestions but yes this would be helpful even in the Members section as u can see whos still active the forum xx
In topic "User Status"
yh good idea and easy to implement as there is allready a system that says whos online, ill start but wont finish till after x-mas lol as alots goin on atm x
I have recently been testing how someone managed to hack into myUPB this is UNBELIVIBLE EASY basic if u notice i can access all your main files and change aspects of them to give me the main directory on which gives me the random generated folder with all the members and forms data basicly my experment shows that there is a vital php script missing that stops people from accessing control scripts that which can get some of the info from as u will notice any one that downlaods the script can see ur main folders directory and some folders contain some scripts that are used to access the main directory giveing them direct access to the forum which is how u wer hacked for instance if u type u are open to a blank screen ... which means that wen u download myUPB u now all the root directors allowin u to open up that file therefor gaining the information you want with this it is possible to place a keyloggin file that will get every1s passwords and usernames wen they log on... if u could look into this i would deeply appreciate it :)

many thanks

as much as u ar etrying to spoil my fun here but if u download myUPB2.2 or latest version u no that /wateva/script.jsp is theere threrfor nto bein directed to a index page .... so bfore u get smart think wat im saying :P basicly somehow there needs to be a file that stops thar from happening dunno how but this is hoy myUPB was hacked ...
In topic "Hey i got a Advertising Offer for myupb"
basicly we are due to release an MMORPG game with a dedicated server and would basicly introduce you to it by placing your name and your url on this server as saying your our"sponser" without paying us :P unless you want to :P ...

but i talked to the host and they said i would have to get confermation off yourselfs saying this is 100% fine and will not be illgealy taking your name or logo or any thing else, i didnt think that wud br a problem as im advertising for u 3 of charge but was advised to get in contact with you anyway...

i will post a link after confermation if possible, of the onlnie game and hopewfully will get users to log and and tlk to each other a bit morefreely and lvl-up together,

withthis offer im also going to allow the admins on the forum to have above privialges to normal registring members so you can kick player form the server and so forth ( this is basic detail in what will happen)

Please PM on reciving this to come to an agreement :)

Many THanks

In topic "avatar sizing"
yh there is a real basic way of doing this takes around 5 mins to implment owever i do not have the time even tho its 5 mins to go threw the forum scripts as im now a Website Admin so im resbonsible for the scripting on certain thingsa and trying to keep it up and running all the time sorta distracts me as well as its a totally differnt language format on what myUPB is using i suggest u wait a few days while clark gets some spare time and will implment these changes, if i come across some spare till ill help ya
all u got to do is upload it onto myupb using the file upload tool :P
yh ..... looks that way soz mate erm best thing todo is if people dont trust u then to send it to a admin ask them to host if for u :) as they will implement it in all future changes .. im applying to be an admin and do some massive detail work to myUPB but untill i have been accepted ....... who knows :)

for instance i wanna introduce a section in User CP to have an option to apply to be an admin/moderator and then from there formalyy myself take the interviews and other stuff to confirm sercruity :)
In topic "myUPB Suggestions"

im looking at some ideas in which to make myUPB a more erm ... well have loads of differnt random features as personally myUPB is a basic flat rate board ... im looking into making a better way or reporting things like an option at the bottom wwhich says "report spam/bugs" then that makes a log in the myUPB admin panel which a mod/admin can access and see the forum post id or where the bug was located for an easy way of system managment

another thing id love to add is a thing that says how many times this post has been looked at :) and fix the edit option as it has a scroll bar at the bottom after pressing edit :P
In topic "a user rating system?"
ive mentioned it before but have not had time to add the changes yet but i was working on a user status like as well as the member rank like n00b and upwards have a star at the bottom from 1 - 5 of the ranks then an admin wud have 1 - 3 in blue stars .... as well i was working on an achievment thing that all members under avatar in post would recive a speical icon for certain things like most active member this moth or been registered and active since 07' or summin if u get me i got a preview of it but it dont work correctly in admin panel when an admin dedicates it to a member :/
yh but i was thinking a bit differnt to u :P yes u could have what country there from but also another lil box that has pictures of thigs uve been awarded, it would make you wnat to try and help and be more active jsut to get an award :P
In topic "Forum Permisions"
lol ure request is a personal thing and not a majority vote as i can say it will possible be done 4 u but not sumthing sum 1 will go out for as we are currently trying to sort out other things. I have closed this forum for the time being untill need be if ou are still stuck please use the new request forum that im currently testing when its avalible.

- Closed -

many thanks

In topic "same email for more than one member"
it would be a change that needs to be implemented, all they gotta do is log onto the one account and change the e-mail address and then re-register .... but apart from that your idea isnt bad but .......... what about someone that whants to spam the forum :P could make multiple accounts i personally think if a secound account is being made under the same e-mail address then it should automaticly be sent for admin confermation before they can use the 2nd/3rd so on account if you get me :P
ill post this in staff dissucssions


In topic "Polish support for the proposal to UPB"
u want to create a polish language script thats cool and we would be gretefull
im gatherin ur not english as i dont quite understand urself .... please explain u mean how to set the forum up in polish instead of english or ??? u want a support in polish ?
In topic "Donators rank - Make your own member groups"
i think this would be a cool thing to add spicialy s it would be easy to implemnt to a sit elikr paypal which only needs an e-mail address to send a registered account holder

als oit would be an automatic upgrade of membership as the paypal site would send a reply to the site saying the complete therefor no actul haman inferace to this ... on the ddown side of this a cock up ciuld be annoying and a long time to solve ...

i recommend a link to a donation tab pre-set up and then once that is done an e-mail to the site owner to upgrade that way no errors but the first option would be amazinmg like e-bays set up which is not to hard but you would have to iron out all bugs before releasing to public as well as making it easy to edit  however no secruity details would be at risk as like i said the reciver only has to have an account and the payment is sent to the e-mail address .

if you would like to know more about this set-up msg me
In topic "Filter spamming bots messages for public forums"
u cant post anyway unless ur registered ..
9i didnt look at it in that way now u mention it yeah that would be a very usefull script
In topic "v2.2.4"
off the things that dont need it :P like messaging in the inbox and signature so basicly on a post u can see it on new message to a user (PM System) and user cp u cant;)

thanks for using myUPB

In topic "Last 5 User"
wtf u need to explain that more clearly do u mean a mod that shows the 5 newest members in more detail or what i really dont understand
nice to see u back jono :P lsat time u saw me i was a member :D lol how things change when ur away :p ...

back on topic this is quite easy to mod the new member thing at the bottom has its own section so u can add/ edit it how u wish how ever the page would become extensivly long if you have 5 members with information i would suggest making it say 1 - 3 at max otherwise ure gunna be scrooling down for about 2.3 hours i would implement this mod but like i said my dreamweaver is down and there is no way in hell i would open it up in notepad as it would tak me a year to find the right part as its not in an line format to easly find the line you want however when it is up and running again ill do it for you.

many thanks for using myUPB

In topic "ip.log"
i hav just recived dreamweaver again let me look into this :)
ive done a lil testing on this subject and i cant get the righ sting in order to delete it .. ill pm clark and see if he knows why that is for some reason it doesnt like my code .. :? and the string is simular to the code deteling people from the database so :?
In topic "Topic Monitoring"
it was being talked about in 2006, and by monitoring its the rss feeds so yes its allready out and is installed on ur site aslong as ur using 2.2.2
no at far as im aware, you dont currently recive e-mails for pms either so i dont think so. what your after has been implemented in rss feeds so i would suggest using them and see if they are suitable but atm there is no option to recive a e-mail to ur inbox after someone has posted in ur thread.
In topic "PM Notification"
its being worked on i think :P
In topic "registration advisory"

visit the register.php file
so glad we can still upload LMFAO :P

Click here for a revised version of register.php

ok btw just to let you know when they have filled in the registration form it says please ccheck you inbox and junk mail box now and if any probs contact an administrator :)

thanks for using myUPB
In topic "Email Advanced Setting"
advanced emain button ?? i dont understand so u can post other things like all the bb buttons for advanced in reply, the only problem with that is the bb is on a script for the forum to translate e-mail is a differnt script so im not to sure but if translated properly yes you could
In topic "a few new ideas ?"
Please reply if you think good/bad idea in this style:

PM Icon: Yes/No
Smileys Update: Yes/No
Message Icon: Yes/No
User Warnings: Yes/No **This is NOW being Addresed and should be in the next UPDATE.
User Ranks: Yes/No **  Done in Next Release :)
Username Changeable: Yes/No
Moderator Panel: Yes/No

PM Icon:
i was thinking of making a little flash icon next to "you have 1 new pm" to grab ur attention when you recive a personal message as i belive it would grab your attention a little more as myself have noticed the fact that i have had pms days old but never actually noticed them.

Smileys Update:
sorta in the name basicly im wanting to spend the whole of tonight doing image editing as i really dont want to go onto Xbox live (games console playing other people) and instead do something for the myUPB community as my last imput was last year with th new BB Buttons as you should now be able to see :P

Message Icons:
as the BB Buttons have now been implmented ive decided to update the message icons to a updated version as for an example last time i checked the windows symbol is now totally differnt.

User Warnings:
no this is very breif and something i will need to have cleared but i would like to implment a new system for admins/mod that u can issue an user an initial warning that will explain doing anything else will result in being banned temp/permantly depednding on the case as well as when they have been banned to have only the tham and underneath there rank saying "Banned" and no avatars to be shown ora nything else like posts and so on.

User Ranks:
now this is a bit more diffcult/easy thing to implement i need to talk to Clark about this but to have an rank images underneath on your rank so 1 - 10 posts = 1 star and so on then like 6 special stars for an mod and 7 special stars for an admin <- thats an example btw but to make it so u can change the ranking images via the rank directory that will be palce inside the images directory so u just re-uplaod the ranks for ease of use - i would also like to implment underneath that a "rewards" setion that has a few small pictures blured out and if you hav been awarded this for e.g "myUPB donater" a special picture to show that says you have contributed to myUPB.

Username Changeable:
basicly i would like to have a way of using the get system so u can go onto user cp and just click on you ame and change it without delay, it may not be able to have implmented atm but there is a way of doing this im sure and think would be a good idea if you want to change your name :P

Moderator Panel:
Basicly like the admin panel but a moderator panel as well, this will have simular features as the admin panel but not all for example it will contain the issue warnings not to mention easier to implment differnt things like bug reports and other misc updates, this will also allow moderators a more privalged area not to mention a private shout box which only the admins/moderators can see in this area for things that need to be addressed.

the time of this post was 20:31 GMT time and i may edit/ revise anything i think that sohuld be added,  IM HOPEFULLY GOING TO MAKE THIS AN OFFICIAL myUPB TOPIC SO PLEASE PM ME ANY IDEAS THAT YOU THINK THAT COULD BE INCLUDED OR ANYTHING YOU COULD HELP WITH.

Please Note: only reply with the ideas yes/no do not add any ideas into here or reply with ideas or it will take it off topic, please PM me any ideas and how you could help or ideas how to implment these so i can add it and keep it on topic, as of now ill make this a sticky so it dosent get lost but like i said i would like to get started tonight so hurry up an post allready and stop reading what i have to type :P
In topic "Suggestion"
yeah that is correct you can insert them were or when you want but no support will be provided :)
In topic "Ideas for future releases"
Yup i like that for Newsletters that can be sent via admin panel and if its to admins/mods/members or any other new user groups.

another thing i have been brefiely working on is the shoutbox but for the admin panel, this would allow u just to click on the admin panel and before the options you get to edit the site the shoutbox so u can post what needs to be done or ideas so admins like clark dont have to browse the whole entire forum to make sure there not missing anything, obviously only admins/mods will be able to access this part and post, still the admin panel will have all features like before but moderators can only see some of the avalible options.

Another thing would be to see how many times the topic has been viewed and if its a hot Topic so its been viewed more than 500 times a day then a fire symbol to appear next to it What do u think ?

many thanks

i can get an icon made up that is animated under .GIF so it will say " 'Letter Icon.GIF' you have 'x' New Messages " or sumi along those lines and all you gotta change is the line in the PHP file to add it in.
what about an added feature when browsing posts if that member is online or a ticket system, a bit complex but ill go into it,

so if you have a problem to try and get live support (this is a bit tricky) so if an admin/mod is online you can open a private pop-up that allows you to talk to an admin/mod if any are online otherwise its displays "Live Support OFFLINE" or ONLINE,

or the ticket system, so they post a ticket and it says waiting for reply or replyed and you can view to see what an admin has posted back, this would also help if someone is spamming, being abusive etc instead of browsing the forums an member may report an member and ud be able to chase it up quicker.

just a thought.
In topic "upload from pc"
all uplaodin from wen i had left was disabled

go to sumin like then copythe direct link into something like this "[img][/img"
In topic "Show New Posts "
as suggested a while ago, an awards feature to myUPB would be amazing, a forum on windows 7 servers which atm are hosting forums (i have no idea why m$ are hosting it on windows 7) is amzing, was in luxenburg a while ago upgrading some of the software for there froums and looked threw the software and its amazing whats ont there that they havnt put active.

anyway as stated a few secounds ago i will be here and there on myUPB and ll try to contribute somtime soon
In topic "myUPB Italia "
you mean the board to use local so the direct things that arnt user editable like the top menu to be translated automatically ? as an post translation would take alot of time ...

In forum "General Chit-Chat"
In topic "Suggestions"
my suggestion would be to get a sponser in !! i might no a couple ill get in touch with them and btw u guys ever thought of locking the footer ?? as people can change who its powerd by and the url back here personaly if i was u u should a a php script in there that valadates it by checking the code ... thats wat id do any way i mean its not hard u just add a small bit of coding here and there in a few places so if they alter 1 upb dsnt load and it just says please make the footer correct by placing orginal text there ? but lol ur probs not botherd lol its free any way :P

wat about a member search?? u can search for a member in the members section ??
In topic "How do I delete my account?"
lol you should add an option in admin panel for deleting members if its not allready in there (no need to do it yet ... )
In topic "Hesitating ?"
sure thaty aint urself modding it lol to get iit 100% right for urself :P

EDIT: by this i mean u going onto ur own website and editing things in admin panel

EDIT AGAIN: haha CLark ^ ur post above amuses me haha...
In topic "cant register at all ;("
and u defently have register.php up because ur site host is not reportin u have it up there i bsicly suggest logging in manually through ur domain not programmes like dreamweaver and check for urself coz all i can say is it cant be up if hte site is reporting its not :/ what are ur server specifications ?

erm btw "  " dosnt seem to be valid have u even uplaoded the files ?

and are u joking them folders are ure directories where all the security files are help like all username passwords :P and uplaods is the files uplaoded lol, ive edited ur post and taken them out before some 1 hacks u :P
i have not recived an e-mail confermation just yet however when i do i will look at ur sorce code and see what is going on apart from thateverything atm is working fine many thanks


p.s i noticed that the register.php has been located atm and is working when i look at it manualy so i dont know anyway let me see when registration comes threw
look in your junk folder, for sum reason its going there
In topic "I am posting anything"
lol .. ill let you seeing as it would be hard to go off-topic in general chit-chat haha
In topic "UPB Modders!"
lol im back after BT took out our local exchange server by accident as an engineer blew it up :P .... 1/2 million poundsto replace lmfao .... anyway, yeah its a good idea but maybe it should be like vbulletin were u can install and uninstall mods ??
yh but its very complex at the same time and took VB ALONG time to get the coding right, not to metion the whole forum works differntly and is about x4 the size of myUPB, agreed a brilliant idea however it would take some working and some serious time spent to implment, i would like to see a moderator panel in the furture tho :P

In forum "Textdb Discussion"
In topic "having trouble with tdb 4.4.2"
when u say ur own site myupb forums or are u uisng the textdb engine to save info on ur site i dont get u could u post the URL of ur site for me to examin ?

In forum "UPB 2 Installation Questions"
In topic "Announcements"
how do i can hange the Announcements thingy that posts when u post a service msg i want to change it from Announcements to Service Messages... how can i  do that ?
In topic "Error ??"
ok well basicly i think theres something wrong with the footer as theres a gap can some 1 check it out and see what i mean ??

go to:

and after the bars like userp: cp and so on theres a gap whats wrong ?
cheers yeah looked into it and sum reason was deleted off server .... BT must be pissin around again .... re uploaded and problem fixed thxs very much :):)
In topic "icons"
yeah im proberly getting annoying now lol askin questions but the icons for forum posting how do u make it so the background is transparent and not white lol when i make a new topic the icons have the white square background and i dnt blend in lol ....

and how do i get this skin ?? "Transcendence" that was made by the owner i think ....
In topic "Login on/off"
before i posted this i did check your forum for an answer and couldnt find 1 but basicly i get the message saying: Alert: You or another person logged in on a different computer since the last time you've visited. Don't show this message anymore or Login. i tried logging off and it still says same msg after .... and wont resolve even logging into a differnt account still says same msg.... i got sorta famuliar with your scripting and if im correct i have to delete dome sort of cookie ... as the PHP reads from the browsers script which is how it knows certain aspects... but before i done anything like this i wanted some sort of confirmation as i dnt wanna screw it up :P

Any Ideas ?

And ive noticed my spelling is incorrect but i couldnt bother to change it lol..
lol thxs it worked .... couldnt be bothered to find the particular ones so just delted all of them :P thxs loads though.
In topic "Nothing works..."
:P yh i should be 777 and normally i leave it at 777 and dont change it and ie 6.0 lol 7 is out now and btw IE is crap use firefox its quicker and more website frendly
In topic "Missing .js"
the script problem looks like a code that has been implemented after the security update either that or its something to do with the blocked words like swearing or so forth
In topic "PHP-version"
erm 5 is better than 4 and u will if any recive less bugs so i suggest going to 5 but the choice its urs fella
In topic "Forum HAcked and Need to Re-install"
just reinstall your forum with install.php and then use your current database and put it in the backup located in admin panel
if you extract the .zip file i belive there should only be one file in which you upload, however im not a coder im the main graphics designer but did help with sum code, i suggest waiting for clark to come back on the 14th if not i will try and help tomoz by logging into your site :)

thanks for using myUPB

hi pete, SKIN_DIR means the skins directory, in your database setting wats was your skins directory did u change it from default to someithing? if so with the current default folder rename it to what it was and it should be fine, its accessing the config file fine but you must of changed the skin directory it it was saved into your database so when trying to load it it jams, if you are having any more problems with this let me know and ill try and assest as much as possible, if i cant help which i sohuld be able to but if i cant Clark is back on the 14th so he will defently be able to clear up the problem :)

thanks for using myUPB

if u are running 2.2.4 u need to install 2.2.3 as 2.2.4 is broken ...... ok if you still recive any problems looking into your problem i cant see why it is un rectified so please wait till the 14th where clark will be back to help any problems but like i said ud be better using 2.2.3 as 2.2.4 was withdrawn

many thanks

In topic "Installing it"
upload myUPB v2.2.3 to and then visit that link :)
In topic "Problem upgrading from version 2.2.3 to version 2.2.5"
caN I HAVE A link to your forum ?

In forum "UPB 2 Questions"
In topic "Forum Buttons"
yh i released them ages ago x
well pete u tell me wat u want them too look like and ill open up CS4 and make them for u x
In topic "Google Adsense On UPB?"
ok well its not actuly against your terms and conditions its a under the GPL license but what he is sayin is basicly if you want to make money out of myUPB then the makers will not help u to profit from there work which is very reasonable however doing it urself and making it work is absoultly fine but like Rebles says anything u need help with will not be supported
In topic "Private Forums"
yes go to admin panel and the manage forums i think then the ones only members+ can see and post change the view to members+ and posting is by default members +
In topic "Picture loading"
haha, clark ewhat he means is hes uplaoding it to the site as a download instead of adding code tag e.g"[im.g]/images/thepicture.jpg[/im.g]" what i think he would like to implement is a document type dectector so if it ends on .jpg , .gif , .bmpand so on instead of making a download but a resized (to fit the page without strecting the post) picture on the page.
In topic "Avatars"
its in the admin panel i belive check it in there i cant remember what option exactly but its there ...
In topic "how i can disable right klik"
erm there is no easy fix to that you have to implement a fair bit code to get that working? why do u wish for this feature??
yhyh he is half true lol you can locate it like this :)

Firefox ... Tools > Page Info > Media > scrool down to u find what ur looking for ...

Internet Explorer ... Tools > Internet Options > General Tab, Browsing History, Settings > View Files > and Wolla a new window opens with all the crap :)
if you ecounter any problems please send me  PM and i will help you,

In topic "Delete topic"
forum now

In topic "Status"
the url of ur site and a picture of admin panel wit the status
ok go onto ur forum i have tested this out and there are no prblems check my status "myUPB Nightmare" if you want it to start as n00b then change post count from 10 - 0 as its defualt is "Member" untill 10 have been reached :)

hope this helps

many thanks for using myUPB

In topic "Pages"
the end of life as u no it ...

im not too sure as theres no 1 2 .. 9 10 auto system

reach it and find out :P
In topic "Topic: newest date first"
yes just change the viewpost.php i belive by changing the order formation ... may not display correctly though ///

many thanks

In topic "Question to viewtopic.php"
the font is in style.css in skins>default>css>style.css

im not to sure what you mean but you can change the text like "Messenger" and things like that in index.php
In topic "Change username"
sure we will, thanks for the imput to the forums im sure we will require you sooner or later :)
I thought 2.2.7 had this in admin panel :S
In topic "upb connects to external site ?"
its a stat builder/advertising technique BT used to do it basicly instead of having popups and random crap like that if it connexts to that it registers a hit on that site so making money so if you say u get 50 useres a day hitting that site everytime they connect to ur site there making 50x "x" a day from you :P
In topic "Changing Logo of upb Forum"
ok the green is the backrorund colour of the logo which u have placed by editin the .css file, the latout automaticly has a 1 px spacing underneath the logo just change it to 0 px and there will be no line underneath :) many thanks
that is something to do with the xss protection and is bring worked on,

ok the padding isnt what you need to be looking for, press ctrl+f then type "logo.png" in the next few lines after there should be some sort of code in "px" it will be something like 0 px 0 px 0 px 1 px or alternatvly it will say logo_backgrond_colour: #(colour code here)

i havent got time right now to check this and see what format its in but when i get some quiick spare time ill run threww it and do it for you.
In topic "environmental graffiti??"
are u with a hosting provider like 110mb, its a way of getting money from you as it goes to that site as a hit so youre provier earns from you, this only happens when you have a free provider and you are not paying for your hosting
In topic "Unknown Error"
right you dont want config.php to show up can u send me a link to exactly what you mena ?? config.php is what is used to help run myUPB. like said please send me a link to try an address the issue a.s.a.p

many thanks
In topic "change UPB directory name"
if you mean  -> then no but u will have to re-save auto login as its differnt cookies, if its from say /public/forum -> /public/myupb then it shouldnt effect it if it does contact me and ill tell you how to fix it :)

thanks for using myUPB

In topic "Adsense"
yup no problem, is it possible to see a link to your forum
In topic "google analytics"
Dear konetchy,

imyUPB does not support Adsense and therefor we iwll not give you any help or advice on this issue. Furthur more no support on this from other members is allowed so if you would like to ad Adsense then you need to work this out by youreself, many thanks

In topic "alt and title tags for images"
yh but its html i belive which should be disabled, you can get it added via bb but u need to amend that yourself or if i get some free time i can do it for you.

EDIT: so when it asks for the img location after it will load a box asking description and if left blank the no description but if anything is typed in then it says " wateva u put in :P "

or alterntaivly for it to be standard No Description then u can change it ....
In topic "Turn off IP address logs ?"
just delete the .php file :P
In topic "moderator group notification"
yes there is a way u have to change a few lines in some .php scripts so the function makes when user posts a new thread or post then all users with power 2+ recive an e-mail

i still belive its
super admin = power 99
admiin = 3
mod = 2
member = 1
guest = 0

i would come up with it but atm im so busy with work and x-mas cuming up i rarely even look at myupb atm but im just giving you an idea on how to make it :)


In topic "Ban IP Address"
yh, a hard way around is to open up a sfotware like dreamweaver and using the .htaccess if ur server is apache/linux.

<Files 403.shtml>
order allow,deny
allow from all

deny from
deny from etc
In topic "help with a small php code"
ok, now i got your attention, how would i make it so the querry gets the date and time the particular user logged in ? or the however it check is a user is online ....

i want it for this

im using this line of code but dosnt seem to display the right date, uses that one in 1970 lol

PHP Code:
<div class='pro_area_1'><div class='pro_area_2'><strong>Last Online: </strong></div> ".gmdate("M d, Y g:i:s a", user_date($lastvisit["date"]))." </div>";

Just so you know its for my revamp of the profile page.

Live Demo:
(forget the skin thats just one im working on)
In topic "Question About Speed for Topic"
change you hosting provider, starts from £3 a month and you can get a free sub-domain.

very good service.

In forum "UPB 2 Bug Reports"
In topic "IP Address Log"
yes some logs and members section codein isnt great its basic its very easy to correct u just gota add a few lines of php which stops that for instance implemtin a code that lets only so many IPs per page .
In topic "editpost.php"
so what youre saying is if u had something to do you wudnt come on unless u got a threatning phone call ??
In topic "Search error"
if u are using "example" the serace engine is not like google and " makes things complicated in the script my advice is just place in example and not "example" every forum name with example in it will bo found :)
In topic "register email link"
lol y dont u use a domian name rather than a ip protocal as this is were the bug is theres nothing wrong with the script itself its your host, its an easy fix just find the script and add :8080 after the domain command as itr thinks ur website is as 233 is the last . hope this helps if you get really stuck ill try and help u
In topic "new member email address not accepted"
lol that is a secruity issue i belive to stop arseholes attacking but like clark says no quick release you have to either edit the secruity issue or to change the layout of the registration and add code to bypass it ..... however again no quick release, if you do come up with an idea please post it with the fix so we can include it in a future version :)
well to be brif go into the applet files and see what secruity it gives then if ur new one adds new ones then add it instead of the current one :)
In topic "invalid link for email verification"
there has been some errors before ure one is simular have u got the correct path to your sit in your admin panel as previous fiuxs were out to fix this it should be "" the path in admin panelif not then please change and try again if you are still encountering problems i will come to your forum and help you out :)
In topic "2.2.2 - Post Admin"
arnt u on the new one just upgrade lol it would be more benefitcial to u anyway :)
Quote: pete917 at Nov 15, 2008 10:05:28 am
Just uploaded 2.2.2 and the ability to move posts to a different forum still doesnt work.

erm yeah thought u were mocking me lol

Latest Release UPB 2.2.3 - 09 Jan 2009

its has all upadates and most fixes however the new release is out soon check for what is included in new update
In topic "Another tiny little bug"
yh i dunno y but the update process dosnt seem to be wroking and it is something that needs to be fixed and i belive someone has reported this before ... until i have recived Dreamweaver CS4 again i cant edit scripts as i hate opening them up via notpad as i takes to long to find the right part when it does ill make a quick fix and post it

many thanks


EDIT: ther wer 2 grammer mistakes and that makes my english a nightmare :P kk im with ya
i wanst thanking you its the end of most things i write :P but it is helpful when a user reports a bug as not all users do and just live with it lol ...

many thanks

lol no i know just didnt like ur respons after i replyed to you :P and for a bug reporting thing i got a real good idea but cant be discussed with others :P
In topic "a damn great bug "
what browser are you using
o right 2.2.4 is a pain there is a bug in that, can u supply me an URL to your site and i will tell you some code later if need be to downgrade yout to 2.2.3 and on the 14th when clark gets back then 2.2.5 will be released and fix all problems :)

thanks for using myUPB

In topic "Privacy Policy"
yup were looking into this and making a php file that opens up your settings so its not hard written itl be like supports ur privact but <script> supports your privacy
In topic "Congif/Install"
Note: this should be in General Discussion.

wht has codex got myUPB Moderator but still on the member Colour and rank image ??

In forum "UPB 2 Skins"
In topic "How do i make a skin?"
yeah, im sorta new to this hole thing i mean ive been playing around with the scripts and managed a few times having to re upload the forum as it some how un-installed itself..... but i have been usin Microsoft Paint to make the few adjustments to the images but they come out pixely is there anyone that can refer a programme which is best for making images many thanks .

o btw u can see what i mean by going here
thxs was usful page looks better and yeah amazing for resize thxs for help
In topic "New myUPB bb Buttons"
Just fired up CS4 ... lovely bit of kit !! any way ive just re-made the orginal classics with the a new up-tp-date style !!! plz download .. ah u can attach any more lol !!! Click here to download. o yeah and it can only be download 10x so can u let a admin download and then wen they change max upload limit ill re post thxs :P

Quick Preview


Leave me feedback :P
( Note: if you need any graphic work for myUPB forums ONLY pm me or reply in here )
o lol i see ...... soz i spent ages creatin them and u gunna mone bouth the left nd right :P jkes
In topic "new BB Buttons"
Sadly noticed my new bbs were not inclluded :(
lol gdgd :)
In topic "Mr Psycho Skin"
there are some people like myself that are currently working on different types of mods like a arcade system which can be enabled/disabled in the adminpanel a cystom skin area in the adminpanel which u can view all current skins uploaded and "preview wat they will look like on ur Forum Home page. however things like this take timeeeeeeee which is also money as  this is a free source :/ unfortuntly u will have to stick by and wait :P
In topic "Sygma skin(best i guess)"
wow thats nice, wouldnt mind do some tweaks to it though :P can u pm the link to me please :P
In topic "Mods: What Have You Done With MyUPB"
Sorry been away got called to the States todo some Private work for Microsoft Buisness Servers which i was under alot of pressure as they were overheating massivly and needed to restrict some hardware clocked proformance and new cooling systems which i had to sort within 3 days otherwise they would have to shut it down costing them arround 159million dollars as some of them were a network path to the USA Army Defenses meaing part of the defense would of been down for 3 days ... so as u can imaginie i had more intrest in that then making some mods haha

anyway i will start some new images on sunday and will hopefully in the evenings develop them and hopefully (fingers crossed) releasing them by friday pussing saturday.

many thanks

In topic "made a vbulletin skin for myupb board"
i think it wud be also cool to have a skin system line vbulletin were a user can change the skin of the forums by a drop down menu ...
In topic "Mystic v1.0"
ok guys, am currently maknig a new skin for myUPB users, u may, may not like this release but here is my current progress, any ideas or suggestions welcome !

Live Demo:

Download link: Not yet avalible :P

like i said pleaseee give feedback as im not going to release to the public untill its 100%
yhh it needs alot of owrk but life caught up with me AGAIN after doing this release so its slowly getting edited :P, wud be nice to see a drop down menu that changes the skin of the forum tho !
In topic "Skins available again"
ive been thinking of getting back inyo muUPB just been ever so busy in real life the past year.

In forum "UPB 2 User Mods"
In topic "Admin Panel"
Ive seen a recent post regarding having a prvate login page for the admin so uf that account logs into the main forum the admin panel will not show up or u will not have any exclusive rights untill you go to the main admin page so E.G -- once logged in u have same rights as a normal member :) --- u use same password as itl read of the power function of the user 3 as admin 2 as mod 1 as member and will deny access for 2 and 1 but allow only admins in it will still be reading the textDB so u control the forum in here, however i am not farmiular with the myupb setup in style so the style.css is makein my life harder how ever the admin panel will look different and expect a few bugs :P

on ur forum the admins and mods are equal --- only lock and close forums ... sum 1 requested and now im building there should be a reply in the next week or so ENJOY !
In topic "Banned List and Ban Avatar"
as long as the date bug is 100% fixed yes. make sure it is coded within the tdb otherwise what will happen is it will say they have been unbannd but when they log in the tdb will say otherwise lol but ive noticed uve used the current banning system but just showing whos banned so if u carry on working in this area then i dont see why not it should be fine !

Good Luck
In topic "Flag Mod"
1. this flag mod is not for 2.2.3
2. func.class.php line 9 is either a diffent command to what its loking for or proberly not compatible
3.with any mods for a type of script like myupb theres normally some manual work to  do to get the scripts sorce loacation, did u read the readme.txt file ?
4. you will need to be familier with .php coding to alterate to work on the most  up-to-date myUPB system

I hope this helps if not post a reply and when i get some time ill reply to it for you and try and get it working :)
In topic "Guestbook for upb"
wow thats pretty impresive its something i would love to implement on a daily basis and install to all myUPB forums and have it so u can enablwe and disable it in admin panel ... but 1 questio how do u manage it so if sum 1 mucks around and posts stupid things to delete them ?
nice, if you could implement it into the admin panel so u ca nturn it on and off would be great as not all users would find it any use them :P
In topic "Mod News"
it was made for a 2 year ago version of myupb u need to downgrade i suggest asking the developer to create an updated version :)

many thanks for Using myUPB

In topic "Shoutbox"
no, however it is somthing id like to implement in to all muUPB forums that can be enabled/disabled in the admin panel as it is now a basic thing in most forums.
i tried installing the mod however it hasnt seemed to work and im too busy to go threw the code, i think it dosnt work as its for an older version of myUPB however like i said i thinks its almost vital now to have shouboxs in  the forum as most premium ones now come with the option.
Ok peeps ive viewed the code and it needs upgrading and some changes in order to work, i dont understand tesxtDB atm so ill ask around for a bit of help and hopefully have this rolled out a.s.a.p
:) yup iut should work fine i was trying something else out to make it a bit diffenrt and to use for admin panel only so admins could post what needs doing, but anyway this is a custom modification that is quite good actually, any problems msg back :)

many thanks

istill belive myupb shud have a shoutbox allready installed om the forums as a basic thing as most forums have this standard now.

anyway i am from here to thare atm as im working ccurrently on the windows 7 servers for m$ and seeing some real crazy stuff for forums that m$ are making, there own version of vBulletin which is not for sale is so powerfull and so quick is amazing.

however i will be poping back from here and there.
I scowerd my pc and cudnt find it anywhere, maybe in a future update we should create a developers area were all files are stores on myUPB instead of private hosts to so they never get lost.
In topic "myUPB RANK ADD-ON"
the ranks hav now been implmented

quick Screenshot

o and please change the first rank to "0" in admin panel otherwise the image WILL NOT DISPLAY till they reace the first rank status

Edit by Clark:
Will be implemented in next release. Download link removed.

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